“Our detox organs (liver, kidney, skin etc.) are so busy detoxing the food we eat, the air we breathe, why add to the toxic load? That is why I believe in clean skin care" 
The SHIFFA product line contains a powerful blend of ingredients from Land and Sea


 SHIFFA Date Ferment Extract

Dates are one of the oldest fruit crops grown in the world.  Rich in minerals and vitamins dates have been nourishing the people of the desert for centuries.  Now Shiffa has unlocked the power of the date for skincare. Date extract contains 7 compounds that act in synergy to help delay visible effects of aging in the skin, including Phytosterols for barrier function, Ursolic Acid to regenerate the skin, antioxidant Tocotrienols, and Isoflavones for anti-aging. The extract has also been proven to help eliminate toxins from the skin, and to increase type 1 collagen synthesis, which is responsible for keeping the internal structure of fibers in the skin plump and firm.  Studies show that 1% of Date Palm Extract increases anti-oxidant activity by 42% in 24 hours, and when exposed to UVA light, the anti-oxidating effects increased by 66% in 24 hours (tested on human fibroblasts).


  SHIFFA Ingredients

                   SHIFFA Eco Red Seaweed

Shiffa algae are harvested from the rich ocean waters and hand-picked for optimum selection. The seaweed is then sun-dried and an extract is obtained. The seaweed is a renewable resource and each harvest is carefully managed to preserve both the resource and the environment in which it grows. Red Algae has been shown to help revitalized stressed skin in 3 days, fighting against redness and uneven skin tone, stimulating the barrier to give a smooth soft appearance and protecting the dermal matrix.

                SHIFFA Thermal Marine Ferment

Thermus Thermophilus Ferment Extract has been shown to prevent 5 years worth wrinkles and blemishes, by protecting fibroblasts against the pro-oxidizing attack of free radicals of aging in 6 months of usage. It works to protect against age spots. The benefits of this dynamic and impressive ingredient are almost countless. It also works to: Stimulate keratinocyte differentiation and maturation. Strengthen stratum corneum resistance against aggression – protecting against UV damage. Restore the cutaneous barrier quality. Reduce water loss. Increase ceramide production. Inspire healthy oxygenation.

SHIFFA Ingredients

“ SHIFFA skincare gives your skin the tools that are able to not only heal but
also, optimize collagen production “ - Dr. Lamees Hamdan!