Facial Mask Brush

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The Shiffa Mask Brush is effective and gentle on your skin. It has synthetic bristles that won’t hold bacteria like natural bristles. The flat, wide fan design is the perfect size to brush facial masks, and its white wooden handle and aluminum collar hold the bristles perfectly in place peel after peel.   
A must-have for your skin care tools.

This product is also available in SEPHORA stores across United Arab Emirates.

Rinse well with water. Dot mild soap or shampoo and dilute with lukewarm water in the palm of your hand, work the brush head in the suds. Do not press the brush head into your palm but gently wash the brush head on each flat side until clean. Gently, rinse with running water. Press, the brush head flat in a clean dry towel or wash cloth to regain the original flat brush shape. Lay on a counter top with the brush head extending over the side so the brush can dry naturally. Do not leave brushes soaking in water damaging the brush head and aluminum collar.

Apply face mask (Tri Acid Peel) onto face brush and move brush on face, avoiding the eye areas.

SHIFFA Tri Radiance Peel.

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